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Day 3:  The Power of Embedding

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You can enhance your blog or wiki by embedding dynamic content from a number of websites.  Here are several of my favorite sites to use with students


Go Animate - Create your own cartoons!



Animoto - Create amazing slide shows set to music.



Glogster - Voted the #1 Educational Tool by the Discovery Education Network.  One of my favorite sites.  Click here to download the Educator Resource Library PDF



Prezi - Create unbelievable multimedia presentations.  Another one of my favorites.



Jaycut - An amazing video editing program that is completely online.  The coolest thing about this site:  YOU CAN USE A GREEN SCREEN!



Blabberize - This site is a blast.  Upload a picture of a person or an animal and make them talk with your voice!



Voki - Create an avatar and make it say anything you want!  Very fun site.  You can use this on your wiki or blog.  You can even put it into a Discovery Education Lesson and have it speak the directions instead of having kids read them.



Grooveshark - Listen to any song you want online.  You can also put Grooveshark widgets in your blogs or wikis.




Poll Everywhere - Create online polls that you post in your blog or wiki.




What is a Voicethread?  

General information for Voicethread in the classroom

Great resource for using Voicethreads in the classroom




Practice using a Voicethread



Let's discuss the video we just saw in the chat below:



This chat widget was found on http://www.livestream.com/ .  You must set up an account in order to access the chat.


Tripline - Create amazing maps that tell a story. 




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