SMART Notebook Basics

"Getting students to argue their case, to explain and express their point of view and defend it to their classmates, is a far more useful form of interactivity than the ‘getting a student to come to the board and drag a box around’ sort of interactivity that we so often think of when we talk about IWBs. Getting intellectual interactivity is a far more desirable goal than simply getting physical interactivity. IWBs can be very good at enabling teachers to prompt and provoke students with jarring ideas that cause them to think deeply about an idea. They can be used to effectively create hypothetical scenarios in which there are no clear right or wrong answers, and students are forced to defend their values, justify their choices, explain their reasoning or propose their solution." 

     -Chris Betcher, The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution Ning


Day 1:  Nuts and Bolts


Day 2:  Let's Start Creating


Day 3:  Resources, Resources, and More Resources


Day 4:  Building Notebook Lessons from the Ground Up


SMART Board Resources


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