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The 21st Century Teacher

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"The US Department of Commerce ranked 55 industry sectors by there level of IT intensiveness.  Education was ranked 55, the lowest, below coal mining."  -Keith Krueger, CEO CoSN


Why is this?




You might be asking yourself "Why is this course called The 21st Century Teacher?" What is all this talk about preparing students for the 21st Century?  Aren't we already in the 21st Century?


Ask yourself this question:  What is different about the way you teach your students compared to how you were taught when you were in school?  Is there much of a difference?  Aside from the 3 R's, are you teaching your students the skills that they will need to be successful in today's global society?  


Examine the chart below and ask yourself:  "Are we preparing our students for the 21st Century?"

Source:  Wired Magazine, June 2011

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Day 1:  Connect!


Day 2:  Research and Create!


Day 3:  Create More!


Day 4:  Teacher Tools


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