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Digital Storytelling:  Day 1

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What is Digital Storytelling?





Why Digital Storytelling?



Topics for Digital Storytelling

True digital storytelling typically takes the personal narrative form.  For the purposes of this course, I have expanded the term digital storytelling to include any form of storytelling, writing, or reporting using multimedia software.



Let's Create a Simple Digital Story Using Animoto

Example of simple digital story using Animoto:  Lanforms

  • Step 1:  Write the Story
  • Step 2:  Plan it out using a Storyboard (Click here for a Storyboard Template)
  • Step 3:  Gather media resources (pictures and music)
  • Step 4:  Put it all together using Animoto
  • Step 5:  Present! 


Poll Question




Digital Storytelling Project:  Part 1

Tell the story of how/why you became a teacher.  This is a great digital story to show your students on the first day of school.  For Part 1 you will write the script for your story.  Open up a word processor (Word, Google Docs, etc...) and type up your story!


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