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Summer Training Day 4 Assignment

Page history last edited by Thomas Kohlbrenner 13 years, 5 months ago

Today's assignment will have multiple parts.


First, watch the video below and post a comment.  This is one very simple assignment you can give students.  This can be modified by giving a short writing prompt for students to respond to.



Second, create your own Wiki and add it to the Lab School Teachers' Wiki Pages wiki.


Third, go to the Useful Sites for Teachers wiki and add 2 useful sites:  One that you have discovered in this class and one that you have discovered on your own.  (Tip:  Try doing a google search for Web 2.0 sites for teachers)



Comments (8)

Thomas Kohlbrenner said

at 12:27 pm on Jul 12, 2010

Makes you wonder about priorities in education in America. Are we missing the boat?

Kim McCaffrey said

at 1:56 pm on Jul 12, 2010

It is hard to believe that just a few years ago when I was in school computers were something nice to have but not real important to the everyday world.

Amber said

at 1:56 pm on Jul 12, 2010

I don't remember life B.G.....what was it like? I can't imagine how far behind and removed I acutally am from my students' capabilities and interests in technology! How do you teach for something that doesn't exist?

francesscott said

at 1:56 pm on Jul 12, 2010

This information is frightening! How can we even hope to stay current with technology when it changes so fast? We really need to teach children how to think so that they will understand the importance of looking at problems for all angles including the future.

stephanie nesbitt said

at 1:56 pm on Jul 12, 2010

We need to expand our mind sets as educators and think beyond just the here and now. Technology is changing at a fast pace and we need to adjust our instruction accordingly.

rinice sauls said

at 1:57 pm on Jul 12, 2010

Wow! I'm amazed...We are teaching our students information that will be of little to no use to them in the future. What can we do to better prepare them?

keisha roberts said

at 1:57 pm on Jul 12, 2010

This means that computers will take over the world unless we teach our students to be use and not be affraid of all of the new technology that is being invented and now and in the years to come.

janelle.vanacker@cms.k12.nc.us said

at 1:58 pm on Jul 12, 2010

Interesting! Times are moving faster than people can adjust. If you don't think ahead of the game, you'll be left behind or like me trying to learni everything in a month! I think I need to get a new computer and internet for all this exploring and creating. Students will be more engaged and can take responsibiility of their own learning.

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